Course on Data Analytics

Course on Data Analytics

No.Day and Subject Session and Date
1Day 1 Introduction to Analytics & QlikView Grouping Hierarchy Creation Session 1 3rd September 2014
2Day 1 Understanding various QlikView sheet objects Session-2 3rd September2014
3Day 1 Numeric Stratification and Grouping/Hierarchy Creation Session-3 3rd September 2014
4Day 1 Handling Dates | Basic Pivot Analysis Session-4 3rd September 2014
5Day 2 Creating new chart types- BoxPlot |Mekko |andBlock Session-2 4th September 2014
6Day 2 Aggregate function and its use in detecting duplicate records 4th September 2014
7Day 2 Straight Tables and Bubble chart Session-4 4th September 2014
8Day 3 Identifying Missing records; Set Analysis 5th September 2014
9Day 3 Assignment on using QlikView for Exploratory Data Analysis on VLC data Session-2 5th September 2014

All sessions by: Shri K S Gopinath Narayan, Principal Director(IT Audit) and Shri Sanjeev Kumar, DAG

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