2nd Bilateral Training Programme -SAI Oman

2nd Bilateral Training Programme for SAI Oman-“Performance Audit,Contract Audit and Fraud & Forensic Audit and Investigation

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Auditing and Auditing standards in SAI India Ms. Meenakshi SharmaDG Prof.Practices: CAG Office Session 1-2 05-01-2015 Study Material
2Day 1 Introduction to Performance Audit and INTOSAI/Indian standards Shri KS SubramanianPD (IR): CAG Office Session 3-4 05-01-2015 Study Material
3Day 2 Strategic planning and selection of topics Shri Arabinda DasPr. Director|Hyderabad Session 1-2 06-01-2015 Study Material
4Day 2 Setting audit objectives: Planning and Conducting an Audit Ms. Rina Akoijam|Pr. Director|CAG Office Session 3-4 06-01-2015 Study Material
5Day 3 Case study 1 on Performance Audit : Audit of water pollution Shri Kartikaye Mathur| Director (PD | SD) Session 1-2 07-01-2015 Study Material
6Day 3 Case study 2 on Performance Audit: Audit of Social Sector Programmes Shri Manish Kumar (II)|A.G.(A&E)|J&K Session 3-4 07-01-2015 Study Material
7Day 4 Types of contracts and the distinctive approaches and methodologies in audit according to the type of contracts: Interpretation of Contract clause: essentials of a valid high value contract: general principles to be observed while entering into high value contracts Shri R Chouhan| Retired PrAG| Rajasthan Session 1-2 08-01-2015 Study Material
8Day 4 Resolution of disputes in contractual clauses and arbitration Shri Manoj Bhansali: CA Session 3-4 08-01-2015 Study Material
9Day 5 Important points to be seen in audit of tenders and high value contracts Shri R Chouhan| Retired PrAG| Rajasthan Session 1-2 09-01-2015 Study Material
10Day 5 Case study 3: Audit of PPP contracts Shri J Bhojwani|DAG: PAG Rajasthan Session 3-4 09-01-2015 Study Material
11Day 6 Study Tour to Agra
12Day 7 Study Tour to Agra
13Day 8 Case study 4: Defence Contracts Shri Deepak Kapoor: AG| MP Bhopal Session 1-2 12-01-2015 Study Material
14Day 8 Case study 5: Audit of contracts Shri L B Sharma: Retired Sr AO|IA&AD Session 3-4 12-01-2015 Study Material
15Day 9 Understanding Fraud Corruption and Forensic Audit; Fraud triangle and identification of conditions for fraud Shri J D Tatamia: PD | RTI Nagpur Session 1-2 13-01-2015 Study Material
16Day 9 Visit to City Palace -Royal Grandeur 13-01-2015
17Day 10 Potential fraud indicators and high risk areas Shri J D Tatamia: PD | RTI Nagpur Session 1-2 14-01-2015 Study Material
18Day 10 Project work: Audit of Contracts and Frauds Shri N R Chopra Retired SrAO|IA&AD Session 3-4 14-01-2015 Study Material
19Day 11 Control activities for prevention of fraud and corruption including information technology techniques Ms. Ritika Bhatia PD | RTI Jammu Session 1-2 15-01-2015 Study Material
20Day 11 Study Trip
21Day 12 Forensic audit Fraud Detection and Investigation techniques Shri Manoj Bhansali: CA Session 1-2 16-01-2015 Study Material

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