Introduction to Audit of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Issues

National Training Programme on “Introduction to Audit of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Issues”

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Environement and Sustainable development: Issues Ms.Ninika Dhawan and Ms Rumbidzai Faith| Research Fellow TERI Session 1-2 23-03-2015 Study Material
2Day 1 Environmental Regulations in India and Auditing Enforcement of Environemtal Laws Ms. Shibani Ghosh | Sr.Research Associate;Centre for Policy Research Session 3-4 23-03-2015 Study Material
3Day 2 Introduction to issues in Climate change Shri Harjeet Singh | Action Aid India Session 1-2 24-03-2015 Study Material
4Day 2 Mining Activities and their impact on the environment and responses to the environmental problems of mining Ms Neena Singh | Partner;Environment Resources Management Session 3-4 24-03-2015 Study Material
5Day 3 Introduction to Biodiversity;Threats to Biodiversity and climate change issues Dr S L Kothari | Director;Deptt. of Biotechnology Amity University Jaipur Session 1-2 25-03-2015 Study Material
6Day 3 Sustainablility issues in Water Sector Shri Neeraj Doshi | Water Sector Specailist Session 3-4 25-03-2015 Study Material
7Day 4 Overview of issues related to waste and waste management Shri Satish Sinha | Toxics Link Session 1-2 26-03-2015 Study Material
8Day 4 Conservation vs livelihood…. issues in sustainability Ms Apurwa Yagnik and Shri Ramesh Asher | Independent Film Maker Session 3-4 26-03-2015 Study Material

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