Key Points

Key Points in inaugural speech by DG iCED on 08-04-2015 for National Training Programme on Introduction to Statistical Sampling.

No.Key Points

DG sir greeted the participants with warm welcoming words.


Commitment and values of iCED as depicted in Murals at the entrance were explained.


Steps adopted by iCED to be a truly eco-friendly institute and its commitment towards its values were illustrated by explaining the features such as minimalistic usage of paper; recycling of water; use of solar energy etc.


DG invited participants to enjoy the uniqueness and ambience of the building.


Importance of Statistical Sampling is determining the credibility of product (audit) through deriving assurance using samples (like cooked rice is checked by tasting a single rice grain).


Challenges of testing become more and more complex; making statistical sampling more important.


Normally we always try to ensure what is delivered is what was intended. In audit parlance the productivity is gauged by objectivity/fairness and credibility only by using proper scientific techniques.


Using sampling techniques for environment audits hardly needs emphasis.


The fact that this training holds something for everybody was explained.


Participants were requested to consider as takeaways from iCED in addition to the customized knowledge package;the warmth and environment of the institute.


The bonding between the iCED and participants starts before the course and will be there after the course; by way of informative material which is shared through our website which keeps iCED connected to its participants.


Participants were advised to observe punctuality and make the best use of this learning opportunity by deriving the best from a carefully chosen faculty.


Speech was closed by welcoming participants and wishing them all the best.