Key Points in Inaugural Speech

Key Points in inaugural speech by DG iCED on 16-04-2015 for National Training Programme on Introduction to Data Analytics.

No.Key Points

Participants were greeted and welcomed by DG sir.


About iCED: Ideology and concerns of iCED towards environment were explained. The idea behind setting up of iCED at such place is to make people feel detached; warmed and undisturbed from the usual surroundings. The peaceful atmosphere here provides uninterrupted focus to participants on the trainings.


About Course: Data analytics is important because audit teams receive lots of data pertaining to various categories including environment and sustainable development etc but to conduct an audit important information has to filtered out from the available data. This is where data analytics comes into picture.


It is also emphasized that since most of the data is collected and made available to everyone and anyone to see it; how we can derive the assurance that data is depicting true picture? Data analytics helps us in deriving assurances; that data as collected and maintained complies the rules/regulations etc. which are important aspect of audits.


The points above emphasized the fact that with bigger data; task of deducing right conclusions become tougher and tougher; errors can be hidden in data and an Auditor has to be smarter than fraudster by adopting right data analysis techniques.


This course is providing an opportunity to the participants to get exposed to learn some data analytics techniques.


The faculty chosen are not only the experts in domain knowledge but are friendly too. The responsibility to learn lies with participants. They can get best out of faculty by being open; interactive and serious towards their sessions. It is expected that they will be active; alert and involved during the sessions.


The takeaways for participants from this training includes enhanced skills; memories of uniqueness and ambience of iCED and the bond with iCED which started with the first invitation and will grow in future.


At iCED we discourage the use of paper and plastic as our commitment towards environment and lack of punctuality.


Speech closed with wishing all the participants a good learning experience ahead.