Audit of Biodiversity and Forestry Issues

National Training Programme Audit of Biodiversity and Forestry Issues”

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Introduction to biodiversity;threats to biodiversity;government response Dr Soumana Datta| Associate Professor;Department of Botany|University of Rajasthan Session 1-2 29-06-2015 Study Material
2Day 1 Forest Rights Act and Protection of Forests in India Shri Rahul Kumar|CCF & HoFF Rajasthan (Retd.) Session 3-4 29-06-2015 Study Material
3Day 2 Audit Issues in Biodiversity Shri S S Dadhe |Director General iCED Jaipur Session 1-2 30-06-2015 Study Material
4Day 2 Role of National Biodiversity Authority and State Biodiversity Board (SBB) in protection of biodiversity Session 3-4 30-06-2015 Audio Visual Presentation
5Day 3 Protection of Biodiversity in India-Role of Protected Areas Dr S L Kothari|Professor and Director|Amity Institute of Biotechnology|Amity University Rajasthan Session 1-2 01-07-2015 Study Material
6Day 3 Economic Valuation of Forests Valuation of Forests in Central Western Ghats and Estuary Dr T V Ramachandra|Centre for Ecological Sciences|Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru Session 3-4 01-07-2015
7Day 4 Role of EIA in Protection of Forests and Biodiversity Shri S S Dadhe |Director General iCED Jaipur Session 1-2 02-07-2015 Study Material
8Day 4 Use of GIS data in Audit of Forests Shri P K Joshi|Professor and Head; Department of Natural Resources TERI University New Delhi Session 3-4 02-07-2015
9Day 5 Introduction to Forests Categories Types Functions and Institutional framework for protection of forests;sustainable management of forests;Ecology of Thar and its conservation Shri Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj CCF(WL) Jodhpur Session 1-2 03-07-2015 Study Material
10Day 5 Protection of Forest Ecosystems-saving the mangroves Ms Archana Chatterjee|National Co-ordinator;Mangrove for the future (MFF) IUCN India Country Office Session 3 03-07-2015 Study Material

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