3 rd Bilateral Training Programme – SAI Oman

Training for SAI Oman on Performance Audit including Environment Audit and CAATs

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Auditing and Auditing Standards in SAI India Ms Gurveen Sidhu |PDA Scientific Deptts Delhi Session 1-2 10-08-2015 Study Material
2Day 1 Introduction to Performance Audit and INTOSAI/Indian standards Shri Jahangir Inamdar Director iCED Session 3-4 10-08-2015 Study Material
3Day 2 Strategic planning understanding the entity and selection of topics and Planning and conducting an audit: Setting audit objectives and criteria Ms Nazli J Shayin; PD GASAB-II o/o C&AG New Delhi Session 1-4 11-08-2015 Study Material
4Day 3 Evidence collection and analysis in performance auditing Shri P S Kanawat DAG o/o PAG GSSA Jaipur Session 1-2 12-08-2015 Study Material
5Day 3 Audit reporting and recommendations Shri Saurabh Shukla Director o/o DGACE Delhi Session 3 12-08-2015 Study Material
6Day 3 Correlation between performance audit and financial audit Shri V N Kothari Director (ITRA) o/o PD Audit Ahmedabad Session-4 12-08-2015 Study Material
7Day 4 Case study 1 on Performance Audit : Oil Sector Audit Dr. Vishal B Desai Dy Director o/o PDCA Audit Board-II Mumbai Session 1-4 13-08-2015 Study Material
8Day 5 Performance auditing in perspective-Case Studies Ms Geetali Tare PDA Eastern Central Railways Hajipur Session 1-4 14-08-2015 Study Material
9Day 6 Study tour 15-08-2015
10Day 7 Study tour 15-08-2015
11Day 8 Introduction to CAATs and Database and Analytics and IDEA Basics – Common imports Summarization Stratification Joining Field manipulation Gap Detection Shri Maneesh Sharma SrAO RTC New Delhi Session 1-4 17-08-2015 Study Material
12Day 9 IDEA Advanced Correlation Trend Analysis Macros: A hands on session Shri Deepak Raghu Deputy Director o/o PDCA Hyderabad Session 1-2 18-08-2015 Study Material (No presentation as the session involved lot of hands on exercises.)
13Day 9 SQL as CAATs Shri Maneesh Sharma SrAO RTC New Delhi Session 3-4 18-08-2015 Study Material

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