C-33 Environmental Audit of Infrastructure Projects

Environmental audit of infrastructure projects

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Environment Assessments in the world and Environment Impact Assessment in India Dr Sanjay Mathur Associate Professor MNIT Jaipur Session 1-2 22-02-2016 Study Material
2Day 1 Infrastructure projects and fragmentation of wildlife habitats Dr. T R Shankar Raman Scientist Nature Conservation Foundation Mysore Session 3-4 22-02-2016 Study Material
3Day 2 Environmental impacts of energy sector infrastructure projects Prof Suresh Jain Professor Department of Natural Resources TERI University Session 1-2 23-02-2016 Study Material
4Day 2 Impacts of coastal/marine infrastructure projects on marine environment Shri Sunil Dadhe Director General iCED Session 3-4 24-02-2016 Study Material
5Day 3 Sustainable Habitats and Green Building Norms in India Ms Chitrangada Bisht Programme Officer Sustainable Habitat TERI Session 1-2 24-02-2016 Study Material
6Day 3 Environmental Impacts of Dams: Audio Video Presentation Shri Sunil Dadhe Director General iCED Session 3-4 24-02-2016 Study Material
7Day 4 Mining Activities and their impact on the environment and responses to the environmental problems of mining Ms Shrestha Banerjee Programme Officer CSE Session 1-2 25-02-2016 Study Material
8Day 4 Environmental Audit of Infrastructure Projects Ms Nameeta Prasad Accountant General (E&RSA) Kolkata Session 3-4 25-02-2016 Study Material
9Day 5 Navi Mumbai- an Eco City: A case study Dr Anajli Parasnis Head TERI Western Regional Centre Mumbai Session 1-2 26-02-2016 Study Material
10Day 5 Case Studies:Environment Audit in Indian Railways Ms Geeta Menon Principal Director (NWR) Jaipur Session 3-4 26-02-2016 Study Material