C-34 Introduction to audit of environment and sustainable development issues

Introduction to Audit of Environment and Sustainable Development Issues

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Introductory perspective for audit of Environment and sustainable development Shri Sunil Dadhe Director General iCED Jaipur Session 1-2 16-03-2016 Study Material
2Day 1 Water Issues with Water Audit Case Study Shri Anshuman Associate Director TERI Session 3-4 16-03-2016 Study Material
3Day 2 Renewable Energy-Key issues Shri Arvind Karandikar Expert Renewable Energy Resources (Solar) Founder – Nexus Energytech Pvt Ltd Pune Session 1-2 17-03-2016 Study Material
4Day 2 Waste Issues Dr Shyamala ManiProfessor NIUA Delhi Session 3 17-03-2016 Study Material
5Day 2 Sustainable Waste Management : Case Study Shri Jayant Joshi Microbiologist and Expert – Bio Composting Session 1-2 17-03-2016 Study Material
6Day 3 India’s preparedness for future Global Environmental Agenda Shri J M Mauskar Advisor ORF and member of PM’s Climate Change Council Session 1-2 18-03-2016 Study Material
7Day 3 Interactive Session Moderated by DG iCED