NTP-02: Flood Management

Flood Management

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Introduction to Flood Management – Legal / Constitutional Issues; Organizational Framework; roles and responsibilities of various organizations Shri Anubhav Kumar Singh Sr. DAG AG (Audit) Uttarakhand Session 1-2 25-04-2016 Study Material
2Day 1 Flood forecasting/ Prevention and Planning and implementing Schemes for Flood Control Shri V. D. Roy Director CWC Session 3-4 25-04-2016 Study Material
3Day 2 Dam Safety and Emergency Action Plans Shri Manoj Kumar Dy. Director CWC Session 1-2 26-04-2016 Study Material
4Day 2 Morphological study of Brahmaputra (focus on GIS and RS) Ms. Archana Sarkar National Institute of Hydrology Session 3-4 26-04-2016 Study Material
5Day 3 River Training Works Dr. R G Patil Scientist-E CWPRS Pune Session 1-2 27-04-2015 Study Material
6Day 3 Lessons learnt & not learnt from floods in India – case study Shri Himanshu Thakkar SANDRP Session 3-4 27-04-2016 Study Material
7Day 4 Ecological Management of Rivers in India Ms. Parineeta Dandekar SANDRP Session 1-2 28-04-2016 Study Material
8Day 4 Structural (Designs and quality) issues in Flood Control/ Management structures Shri Murlidhar Singh Professor WALMI Session 3-4 28-04-2016 Study Material
9Day 5 Strategies for Flood Management: Experience of Barh Mukti Abhiyaan Shri Dinesh Kumar Mishra BMA Bihar Session 1-2 29-04-2015 Study Material

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