NTP-04:Audit of Waste and Water issues

Audit of Waste and Water issues

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Management of different kinds of waste: perspectives Dr. Kurian Joseph Professor Center for Environment Studies Anna University Chennai Session 1-2 09-05-2016 Study Material
2Day 1 Waste to Energy: Policy Success stories and way ahead Dr. Sharad P. Kale Head NA&BTD BARC Mumbai Session 3-4 09-05-2016 Study Material
3Day 2 Issues in Solid waste management in Urban Areas Ms. Saroj Badgujar Dy Dir Janwani NGO Pune Session 1 10-05-2016 Study Material
4Day 2 SWM through zero based garbage in Pune-Case Study Ms. Kishori Gadre Director Janwani NGO Pune Session 2 10-05-2016 Study Material
5Day 2 Framework for environmental governance in India: Laws and rules regulating environment in India Ms. Upama Bhattacharjee ELDF India Session 3-4 10-05-2016 Study Material
6Day 3 Introduction to water issues Shri Anshuman Associate Director TERI New Delhi Session 1-2 11-05-2016 Study Material
7Day 3 Case Study: PA of NBA / and Future Strategies under Swachchha Bharat Mission Shri Satish Loomba ADAI (Retd) Session 3-4 11-05-2016 Study Material
8Day 4 Water availability & Water pollution: Issues in Audit Shri Neelesh Kulkarni Director Primove Consultants Pune Session 1-2 12-05-2016 Study Material
9Day 4 Water Pollution and Sustainable Waste Water Recycling in Urban Areas Ms. Priyanka Jamwal ATREE Session 3-4 12-05-2016 Study Material 123
10Day 5 Integrated River Basin Management: Case study on Pamba River (EU Project) Dr George Chackacherry Scientist CWRDM Kerala Session 1-2 13-05-2016 Study Material