NTP 06: Audit of Bio-diversity, Wild-life and Forestry Issues

Audit of Bio-diversity, Wild-life and forestry Issues (6th June 2016 to 10th June2016)

No.Day Topic Faculty Session Date Study Material
1Day 1 Introduction to forests institutional framework for protection and sustainable management of forests Shri Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj CCF (WL) Jodhpur Session 1-2 06-06-2016 Study Material
2Day 1 Introduction to CBD Framework National Commitments and Achievements Ms. Kanchi Kohli Independent Researcher (with Ms. Shalini Bhutani) Session 3-4 06-06-2016 Study Material
3Day 2 Sustainable development climate change and issues related to biodiversity Prof. S L Kothari Pro Vice Chancellor and Director Amity Institute of Biotechnology Amity University Rajasthan Session 1-2 07-06-2016 Study Material
4Day 2 People and Forests: Forest Rights Act 2006 and Joint Forest Management Shri Y.Giri Rao Director cum Secretary Vasundhara Session 3-4 07-06-2016 Study Material
5Day 3 Economic Valuation of forests: valuation of forests in Central Western Ghats and Estuary Dr. T.V. Ramachandra Centre for Ecological Sciences Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru Session 1-2 08-06-2016 Study Material-1 2
6Day 3 Conservation of Biodiversity hotspots Dr. Ravishankar Thupalli Consultant – UNDP GEF Session 3-4 08-06-2016 Study Material
7Day 4 Role of EIA in protection of forests and Biodiversity Ms. Manju Menon Senior Fellow Centre for Policy Research New Delhi and Program Director Namati's Environment Justice Program Session 1-2 09-06-2016 Study Material-1 2
8Day 4 Use of GIS and Remote Sensing for audit of Forestry and related issues Dr. P K Joshi Professor School of Environmental Sciences Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi Session 3-4 09-06-2016 Study Material
9Day 5 Audit of Biodiversity Shri J R Inamdar Director(T&R) iCED Jaipur Session 1-2 10-06-2016 Study Material

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