No.Current Environment News
1Black carbon could lead to premature mortality: study-PIB- 30 June 2021
2Chamoli diaster due to avalanche says Geological Survey of India- The Hindu 30 June 2021
3 Lion numbers in Gujarat see a 8% rise cross 700- The Times of India 30 June 2021
4 One more route to see sariska tiger reserve- The Times of India 29 June 2021)
5Dead fish floating in Guwahati tank raises concern (Dip in oxygen level high organic load in pond reasons for the mortality)The Hindu 28 June 2021)
6Govt moves ahead with plan to amend Indian Forest Act(Hindustan Times 28 June 2021)
7How Delhi zoo inmates are beating the heat and boredom(The times of India 28 June 2021)
8They don’t just stink landfills to blame for dirty groundwater too(The times of India 28 June 2021)
9Study links air pollution to COVID-19 cases and deaths(The Hindu 26 June 2021)
109 cities took key steps to curb climate crisis: Study(Hindustan Times 26 June 2021)
11Attempt to encroach Ranthambore forest land unearthed by department(The Times of India 26 June 2021)
12Home emissions cause 25% pollution deaths(The Times of India 26 June 2021)
13Detailed Project reports of LIDAR survey of forest areas in 10 states for water and fodder augmentation released(Press Information Bureau 25 June 2021)
14Govt. grants permission for cutting transplantation of over 1500 trees(The Hindu 25 June 2021)
15In Meghalaya outrage over felling of heritage pine trees for road(The Hindu 25 June 2021)
16NGT raps PMC over waste disposal in twin villages(The Hindu 25 June 2021)
17Mukesh Ambani throws a $10 billion clean energy challenge at rivals(The times of India 25 June 2021)
18दिल्ली सरकार 33 लाख पौधे लगाकर वन महोत्सव मनाएगी(Navharat times 25 June 2021)
19Climate crisis to hit sooner than feared(The Hindu 24 June 2021)
20स्टडीः दिल्ली में 10 यूनिट बढ़ता है पीएम 2.5 तो हफ्ते में 7 सांस के मरीज होते हैं भर्ती(Navbharat Times 24 June 2021)
21World’s first GM rubber sapling planted(The Hindu 23 June 2021)
22Rajasthan all set to get fourth reserve for big cats(The Times of India 23 June 2021)
23Delhi govt plans check dams on major drains to trap pollutants(The Hindustan times 23 June 2021)
24UN report warns of grim repercussions if global warming continues(The Hindustan times 23 June 2021)
25Centre’s NIOT to monitor sand mining in intertidal regions of A&N islands(The Hindustan times 22 June 2021)
26NGT modifies order on Najafgarh lake(The Hindu 22 June 2021)
27Problem of plenty after tiger count in Rajasthan crosses 100 mark(Times of India 22 June 2021)
28Companies must go green to survive: Mukesh Ambani(Times of India 22 June 2021)
29India and Bhutan sign MOU for developing cooperation in the areas of Environment(Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change Posted on 18 June 2021)
30Government releases Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas of India(Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change Posted on 17 June 2021)
31Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2021(India Environment Portal Posted on 16 June 2021)
32Environment Minister launches awareness campaign on Single Use plastics.(Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change Posted on 08 June 2021)