GTF training 2013-14

          • “Training course in environmental auditing” is designed to provide knowledge for  working with environmental issues, including recognising environmental   problems, selecting relevant audit topics, developing suitable audit criteria and audit methodology, and making meaningful recommendations. The knowledge and skills this course covers:
            • Module 1: Introduction to auditing;
            • Module 2: Auditing the environment and sustainable development; and
            • Module 3: Review.
          • The areas covered under this programme are AUDIT IN PUBLIC SECTOR, ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT, BIODIVERSITY, CLIMATE CHANGE, WASTE, WATER and WRAP-UP. The course modules and training material have been prepared by different SAIs (Norway, Estonia, Finland, Brazil, USA, and India) who will also   come to iCED Jaipur to deliver these modules. The Course Directors are Ms Tuuli Rasso from SAI Estonia and Ms Nameeta Prasad from SAI India.
          • Before coming for the  programme, participants are expected to do home study about environment issues in their country. To facilitate easier understanding, a template  for pre-course learning will be drawn up and circulated to all the  participants by end of September. This will ease their understanding of   issues in environment and auditing and allow them to benefit more from  the course modules.  The   pre-course template will be circulated to the participants in   mid-September.
          • During the duration of the  course, the participants will be tutored by the Course Directors as well as the trainers who would come a little before their planned modules to mentor the participants. Participants will be encouraged to keep a daily dairy of the things they learnt during the day or things they need further clarity on, which can then be discussed with mentors.
          • At the end of the course, participants are expected to write a paper about how to plan audit of a selected environment issue, of importance to the SAI. This paper will be discussed individually by the participants with one or more mentors.