Internship Scheme:

Our interns have contributed their papers on following topics

  • 1. Tourism A Bane or a Boon?: A case study of the impact of marine nature- based tourism in Goa Presented by Ms Trinayani Sen
  • 2. A research aimed at enhancing evaluation in Audits by integrating it with Regulatory Impact Assessment Presented by Shri Saurabh Suman
  • 3. A Case Study on changing of land and land cover analysis over iCED campus for Period 2009-2018.  Presented by Shri Sangam Yadav
  • 4. “The assessment of plastic waste in Jaipur city with focus on the role of Municipal Corporation in plastic waste management”. Submitted by Shri Manikant Barik (under evaluation)

Young Professionals (YP) Scheme:

Research work is presently undergoing on topic “Preparation of Strategy for audit of Urban Planning (Preparation and Implementation of Development Plans) and for an integrated audit of Environmental Management within cities.” by Ms Sucheta Deb