Page 14 - Greenfile Volume 13
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Volume no. 13, for the quarter ending March, 2015

Green cover in Pune diminishing, birds now           there has been a delay in setting up this
build nests with plastic                             dedicated force that was aimed at protection
                                                     of tigers/ wildlife and curbing man animal
Birds in the city no longer live on trees or in      conflict.
nests made of twigs and leaves. Plastic
threads from cement bags and carry bag               3 new plant species found in the Ghats
strings now line their nests, which they build
on electric poles, skyscrapers and mobile            A research team from SNM College,
towers. Experts trailing bird nesting patterns
in Pune have found that the urban setting has        Maliankara, has reported the discovery of
robbed birds of their natural habitat of trees,
rock cliffs and bushes, and even exposed             three new plant species from the
them to threats. Ornithologist Umesh
Vaghela has documented nests of 19 bird              Pooyamkutty-Edamalayar  region,
species in unusual places in and around the
city and attributed the scarcity of natural          highlighting the rich biodiversity of the
material that birds used for building nests to
human interference with their habitat.               Western Ghats. The investigations were part

Restore areas destroyed by mining in Alwar,          of a UGC-sponsored project on flowering
green tribunal tells Rajasthan
                                                     plants of Ernakulam district. The shrub
After making it mandatory to seek
environmental clearances for mining near the         named Thottea adichilthottiana was
Sariska Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, the
National Green Tribunal (NGT) has pulled up          collected from the Adichilthotty tribal colony
the state government for 'shutting its eyes' to
indiscriminate mining activities in Alwar. The       within the Edamalayar forest range. The
tribunal directed the state government to file
a comprehensive plan for 'restoration,               other two (grass family) are Arundinella
reforestation and reclamation' of the entire
area. The environmental body held that               pradeepiana and Garnotia variyamensis.
indiscriminate mining has affected flora and
fauna in Alwar.                                      Panchayat makes a mark in solid waste
More STPF Needed For Tiger Reserves
                                                     Puliyur town panchayat has made a sound
Against a total of 47 tiger reserves at present      beginning in solid waste management by
including 13 sensitive tiger reserves, Special       generating revenue from the waste collected
Tiger Protection Force (STPF) has been raised,       from the public. Though several other
armed and deployed only in four tiger                panchayats have already forayed into the
reserves. These include Bandipur (Karnataka),        process of making manure from waste,
Tadoba-Andhari and Pench (Maharashtra)               Puliyur town panchayat has gone a step
and Similipal (Odisha). This was stated by           ahead by incorporating four other methods
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar in a          to generate revenue. Besides compost yard,
written reply to Rajya Sabha on Thursday.            it has set up a bio-gas plant, shredding plant,
Based on the recommendation of Tiger Task            duck rearing pond, and vermin-compost yard.
Force, 13 sensitive tiger reserves of the            Similarly, an herbal nursery has also been
country were to be deployed STPF. However,           established. Except shredding plant, bio-
                                                     degradable waste is used as the raw material
                                                     for all other solid waste management

                                                     Source: http://www.indiaenvironmentportal.

                                                     V. State in Focus: Kerala

                                                     With the Arabian Sea in the west, the Western
                                                     Ghats towering 500-2700 m in the east and
                                                     networked by forty-four rivers, Kerala enjoys
                                                     diverse geographical features. Kerala is

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